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Elite breeding at Landsmót

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Elite breeding at Landsmót

Three top horses of Hornhestar have to qualify last weekend for the Landsmót in Hella.


The youngest of the bunch is Organisti frá Horni I.
Organisti is a 4-year-old stallion and is presented in the breed.
With a final score of 8.19, he has mastered the competition last weekend.

Organisti 2


Ásgerður frá Horni I is an exceptional mare who has already achieved a pass score of 9.
In the competition for Landsmót she got a final score of 8.28.
She will be presented with the broodmares.




Dalvar frá Horni I is an 8-year-old stallion. He has achieved a score of 8.10 in the competition last weekend. He is presented in the 250m pass and possibly also in the A-Flokkur.



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